Isabelle Southcott, publisher of Powell River Living Magazine, is a long term member of Powell River Women In Business. In fact, Isabelle was the first member! As we launch our Member Spotlight section, we thought it would be appropriate to hear from one of the founders of the organization. Here is what Isabelle says about getting it all started.

prliving_feb2006issueShortly after I launched my own business, Powell River Living Magazine, in 2006, I began looking for a group where I could network with other business people and learn about topics relevant to me as a new business owner. I couldn’t find what I was looking for here in Powell River but during my hunt, I came across women in business groups elsewhere in BC and in Canada. Hmmm, I thought, why don’t we have a Women in Business in Powell River? After talking to others about this, I believed it was time to launch our very own Powell River Women in Business.

Lisa Labree, who worked for Hollis Wealth at the time, was also passionate about women in business and brought forward many great ideas. She had attended women in business events in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island and knew just how valuable organizations like these were. In February 2007, we launched Powell River Women in Business (WIB) as a way to provide women who own and work in all sorts of business by offering networking, marketing and educational opportunities. We were women empowering women in business.

We made it clear that you didn’t have to own your own business to be part of this organization. We wanted women who worked in businesses owned by women, men and corporations as well as women who owned their own businesses.  We believed we could all learn from each other.

WIB was a lot of work at first. I had no idea what I was getting into but luckily there were many women willing to help especially, Bonnie Krakalovich, who ran the front office at Powell River Living.  Bonnie and I would brainstorm about speakers, events and topics before sending ideas out to members. Before long, Bonnie took over most of WIB’s administrative duties and the organization began to grow. The group has evolved and changed over time but it has stayed true to its grass roots beginning of  women empowering women in business.prliving_feb2016issue


Thanks to Isabelle for her initiative and stamina in forming Powell River Women In Business. And congratulations to 10 years of Powell River Living Magazine.



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