Executive Members 2019~2020

Introducing the Executive of Powell River Women In Business,
as voted at our AGM in September 2020.
These are the women that make things happen within
the organization including all our events and communications.




President: Jennifer Konopelski
Vice President: Stefanie Pletscher
Treasurer: Elaine Steiger
Secretary: Christine Konopelski

Social Media Director: Rachel L Davis
Events Co-Ordinator: Nancy Mitchell
Membership Director: Lorelei Guthrie
Director at Large: Jacqueline Dawson
Director at Large: Brittney Chisholm

WIB Board of Director Position Descriptions

The Board of Directors is the group of women responsible for the strategic management of Powell River Women In Business.
The Board operates by following the bylaws, a set of rules that govern how the organization must pursue its mission and activities.

Here is a description of each position.


The top position of the Board is the President. In her role, this Board Member runs Board meetings, appoints committees and performs other duties as directed by the bylaws. The President usually MC’s monthly meetings and special events. Also, this individual represents the organization in public by giving speeches, writing articles and attending functions on behalf of the organization.


The Secretary of the Board takes notes, referred to as Minutes, at Board meetings then submits those Minutes for amendment or approval by the Board. The Secretary keeps records and non-financial legal documents of the organization, including bylaws, articles of incorporation and Minutes of historical meetings. The Secretary is also responsible the the organization’s Thank You cards.


Serving directly under the President is the Vice President. This woman is often next in line to become the President (but not necessarily) and serves as the Board’s leader when the President is absent, such as during official Board meetings and monthly events.


The Treasurer of the Board keeps the organization’s financial records. The Treasurer keeps copies of the main financial records, signs cheques and delivers them, and otherwise oversees and keeps an eye on the organization’s finances. The Treasurer also prepares and delivers a Treasurer’s Report at each of the Board’s official meetings and approves the organization’s annual tax filing.

Directors (Total of 5)

Directors who do not have one of the previously discussed roles often volunteer to head committees. These Board members attend meetings, receive updates and vote on Board matters. They have the right to make motions, discuss them and vote on them. Some of these positions come with a director title, such as Events Director. After serving as a Board member, these individuals might ascend to the Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and eventually President Board positions.


The Social Media Director helps implement and maintain online marketing strategies through social media. This Director will be responsible for keeping our social media up to date. By using various forms of new media, such as blogging, social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter etc. ), discussion boards and monthly newsletters, they help represent a WIB through an online channel. It is also this Director’s task to stay in contact with our website designer to keep our website up to date with the upcoming events and promotions.


The Membership Director works as a liaison between WIB and its members. The duties include processing new applications of memberships, volunteering information to prospective members, collecting bios and information to hand off to our website designer, and keeping up with our emails. Once a year, this Director will be responsible for getting our membership renewals and follow-ups.


The Events Director helps organize outstanding and unforgettable events. They are responsible for overseeing, or coordinating a committee, for every part of each event. The Awards (May) and the Artisan & Entrepreneur Show (October) are the 2 big events however there are also the monthly events for the membership that require organizing. Preparations such as venues, menus and evaluating success afterwards are the tasks of this Director.


There are 2 positions for Directors At Large. These Board members have the same authority and similar responsibilities as other Board members but may change their roles as the organization moves forward. A Director At Large, for example, may be tasked by the Present of by a vote of the Board to head up a committee or fill a vacancy.

Positions Outside the Board of Directors

These positions are crucial to all organizations, WIB included. We can’t do it without help! We are looking for people to take on some jobs that don’t require you to be at the Executive Meetings.

POSTER CREATOR – requires 5 to 8 posters a year, suitable for 1 person. Do you have an eye for design? Design the posters for upcoming events and send to the Events Director on time.

POSTER DELIVERY – suitable for 3 to 5 people. We have posters that need putting up around town about 8 to 10 times during the year. With 3 to 5 people, that means you don’t have to help every month.

EVENT SET-UP & TEAR-DOWN – suitable for 3 people. Help set up tables and chairs 30 minutes prior to the event. With 3 people, that means you don’t have to attend all events.

AWARDS SHOW COMMITTEE – 5 people. Be instrumental in helping to put this fabulous event on next year! Bring some of your ideas to the table and into fruition. The timeframe is from January to May with monthly award meetings, decorating meetings etc.

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