A pasta machine for a Birthday gift really got things started for Alice Ward Cameron. Read how the foodie entrepreneur rolled things out.


When deciding my life’s trajectory in 1999, I had so many options for post secondary study! Course calendars were spread out over the living room floor while I scribbled the pros and cons of each subject. I decided that FOOD was one of the most important things to the human race, therefore I should study Horticulture and Agri-Business. Later, as an inspector, I spent time with many farmers and entrepreneurs. I thought I would like to be one, and have that same sense of pride in my work.

A good meal is something we all need everyday. It brings us together, nourishes our bodies and soothes our souls.

Growing up, the joy of cooking was instilled in me by my mother. In 2012, she gave me a pasta machine as a birthday gift. I had always loved fresh pasta! A year later, Alice’s Fresh Pasta hit the scene at the Powell River Fall Fair.

Since then, Alice’s Fresh Pasta has evolved into “Gourmet meals, made easy”. Small batches of pasta, soups, sauces and snacks are lovingly prepared in my licensed kitchen. 

Honey Roasted PecansBorscht Soup








These comfort foods are carefully crafted from treasured recipes to offer homemade taste not available in stores, until now! I am so content at the market amongst farmers again, dreaming up ways to incorporate their meat and produce into my product line. Nothing makes me happier than hearing “yum” and other comments from satisfied customers.

Good food and healthy eating don’t have to be complicated. I love the fact that what I do benefits others. I am truly grateful for the support of my family and each and every customer. If my food makes someone’s day better, that’s missionaccomplished!

Alice Ward Cameron

Alice is a proud member of Women In Business. Find her delicious products at The Nutcracker Market, Pacific Point Market and of course, the Powell River Farmer’s Market.